Ye Xiaowen delivers speech at a council meeting of Buddhist Association of China Master Shenghui Vists Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, and propagats First WBF Lama Jiamuyang Tubudan sends invitation on Northern Buddhism and Environmental Protection Conference Buddhists from Hong Kong, Macao and across the Taiwan Straits got consensus on holding First WBF Ye Xiaowen holds a tea party with the venerable, most virtuous, scholars and high-profile figures in Hong Kong Master Weijue and Master Hsingyun invited to Chinese Mainland to discuss preparation for First WBF
World Buddhist Forum participants pray for world peace
108 venerable representatives co-host the Budda ceremony to pray for world peace in the closing ceremony.
CIIC exclusively televises the Budda ceremony.
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CRCCA leader hails Forum's success
Forum moves to Zhoushan City
Japanese monk: most Japanese suspicious of Koizumi's shrine visit
Annan's congradulation message to the First World Buddhist Forum
Speech of the 11th Panchen Lama Bainqen Erdini Qoigyijabu at the Opening Ceremony
Chinese Buddhists enter Internet Age
Harmony with the environment through Buddhism
Forum blessing City's dream
Buddhism, a belief for many handicapped Chinese
China, dear home for people of different religions
CIIC staff praised for hard work
Tea-serving show by monks
Ye Xiaowen's book on Forum published
Forum's essays published
Heavy rain stops as Forum begins
The Buddha instructs us to benefit ourselves as well as others and save all living beings from calamities. In its 2500-year history, Buddhism has spread from the East to the West, transcending both national boundaries and different races...
"A harmonious world"
Means people of different countries, different ethnic groups and different religious beliefs make concerted efforts to build a harmonious world with lasting peace and common prosperity.
"Begins in the mind"
Means a purified mind contribute to a purified territory and a peaceful mind contributes to a peaceful world.
Unity and cooperation of Buddhism
Social responsibilities of Buddhism
Peace mission of Buddhism

Opening Ceremony of the First World Buddhist Forum
Proposal for hosting WBF
Memorabilia of the preparation
Proposed by
Huba Long-
Jiamuyang Luosangjiumei Tudanqueji-
Jueguang Kokkwong
The Frist World Buddhist Forum
Putuo Mountain
Shaolin Temple
Tanzhe Temple
Beijing Ling-guang Monastery
Yonghe Palace