Sub-themes of the First World Buddhist Forum

Unity and cooperation of Buddhism.Discussions will focus on: the idea of harmony in Buddhism, how to further explore the rich resources of purifying the soul in Buddhist doctrines; how to strengthen the unity and cooperation of three traditions in Buddhism; how to boost the harmonious development of Sangha education in the new century and intensify the interaction between Buddhist education and social education; how to promote Buddhism and make it benefit the living beings by taking the advantage of the Internet Age; discussing the feasibility of the 7thBuddhist Council; enhancing the liaison and cooperation of Buddhist organizations all over the world; looking into the future of the global youth activities in Buddhism.

Social responsibilities of Buddhism.Discussions will focus on: Buddhism and environmental preservation; how to strengthen the harmony between man and nature; improving social morality by using the ethics of Buddhism; promoting harmony between people; probing into the harmonious relations between Buddhism and science; further boosting social charity undertakings and establish institutions to help those in distress, aiding those in peril and relieving disaster; exploring the purification of soul and the sustainable development of the human being.

Peace mission of Buddhism.Discussions will focus on: the co-existence and mutual prosperity of the human being; how to eliminate inter-regional conflicts and dispute and build a purified world; the contribution of Buddhism to world cultural development; how to enhance the dialogue between different civilizations of the world and cut down estrangement and conflicts between different civilizations; to build a peaceful and harmonious world.


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