Forum blessing City's dream
HANGZHOU, April 13 The First World Buddhist Forum is a good bless for this east China city of Hangzhou to realize its ambition of becoming the country's "Capital of Leisure", said some local people.

Being the provincial capital of Zhejiang, one of the most developed coastal areas in China, Hangzhou has for long been eager to play a bigger part in the eye-stunning growth of the Yangtze River Delta with Shanghai as the center. The city, however, has been zigzagging on its way of economic progress for years.

Until very recently, the city government had been deeply indulged in the plan to become a major hub for IT industry. Nowadays, according to some well-informed sources, the city has set a new strategic goal to take the lead in the country in the development of recreational businesses.

Hangzhou deserves the title if taking into consideration of the classic beauties of a modern after a large-scaled urbanization and remolding of the most scenic West Lake strictly in accordance with environmental and ecological rules and laws.

Sitting in front of window of a lake-side cafe on a rainy day, one seems to have returned to the dear old days when great ancient poets drank rice wine and wrote poems expressing their deep passion for the Nature and the People.

In the eyes of ancient artists, the West Lake was a beautiful, graceful young lady. To today's tourists roaming around the waters under the moonlight, it is a scholarly girl serving tea with fragrant cakes.

What a harmonious place it is! Do you feel it, My Budda?


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