Buddhism, a belief for many handicapped Chinese

HANGZHOU, April 13   "We are mostly Buddhists," said Hua Yuzhong, a young resident in this east China tourist city, who broke his bones and became paralyzed in a road accident three years.

Now, Hua runs a small website,www.7lai.com, which has become a on-line saloon for the paralyzed.

"Many local people with disabilities believe in Buddha," said a local official in charge of affairs relating to this group of vulnerable people. She confessed some times religious belief is helpful for people to forget or get over their pains and misery.

At the side of the most beautiful West Lake, in central Hangzhou, a small group of handicapped people from local communities held an unofficial celebration of the ongoing First World Buddhist Forum on Wednesday evening.

"Once I wrote a letter to the municipal disabled people's  federation of my hometown for help, but there was no reply at all," said Cheng Faqing, a renowned environmentalist activist who suffers from poor hearing for one of his ears.

"You should come to the provincial federation (of disabled people," said the official, in response to Cheng's complaint.

"Show your ID for your disabilities, and it will help you to get financial assistance for your life," she said.

"I have lost it," answered Cheng, "now I turn to Buddha."

Buddhism is very helpful for his business, said Zhang Jun, who has serious problems with his eyesight. He consult sutra whenever he encounters problems in business. "It calms my heart to find a good solution," he said.

"I'm so happy that lots of Buddhist masters have come to the town for this Forum," Zhang said, "They bring me good luck."


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