China, dear home for people of different religions

HANGZHOU, April 13   "I love China, because she is the only big nations in the world that have never had any campaign against Jews," said Haruvee, an Israeli businessman who has worked in China for years.

It is the same reason for the centuries-long booming of Buddhism in China. In the history, many Chinese emperors had been strong sponsors for Buddhism, including Wudi Emperor of Liang Dynasty who had turned himself into monk three times, in a way to force the government to pay donation to Buddhist temples. 

Meanwhile, Islamic believers have also found comfortable homes in most parts of the country for centuries.

"France started its relations with Chinese since 400 years ago as lots of French fathers settled in this largest Oriental nation to preach for Jusus at that time," said Nicolas Lecerf, a French company manager of communications.

It might be one of the reasons why French and other European companies can easily come back to China in the past two decades, he said, seriously.

"What has impressed most is that wherever I go around in China, I always pass by a number of different religious sites in a few hours," said the French man, who said he has no religion.

One story can prove how Chinese have showed their hospitality for thousands of years, said Zhou Yan, a young researcher from a media group in Shanghai, "Every time you climbed up a so-called Buddhist mountain, you found a Taoist temple at the top! "

"In fact, China's policy on religion is one of the best in the world," he noted, adding that China is among a small handful of nations where religious people can live and work together peacefully and happily for centuries.

All kinds of religions end up with one word -- "Shan (Kindness)" in China, while "Shan" is the core of Chinese Culture, said the young scholar. He concluded, "In China today, only 'Shan' can bring about a harmonious society."


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