Chinese Buddhists enter Internet Age

ZHOUSHAN, April 15   China's Shaolin Temple has been widely known across the world, not only for its dazzling martial arts -- Shao Kungfu, but also for its pioneering in the field of Internet.

Master Yongxin, abbot of the temple in central China, is among the first groups of people to link to the Internet, when he opened the temple's official website in 1997, earlier than big names like Sohu.Com and Sina.Com.

Recently, he took a contraversial step to publish the secrets of the Shaolin Kungfu on line, which, he said, is meant to tell people that the Kungfu should no longer be kept in secrecy while the Mankind has entered Nuclear Era.

"It's time for Buddhism to be spread on line," said An Husheng, a renowned Buddhist scholar.

Lots of Buddhist websites, including official sites by Chinese Buddhist associations at different levels, have been set up on line, drawing milions of visitors from around the world everyday.

China has over 100 million Buddhists, and many of them have been well educated.


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