Master Chuanyin and Qu Junzhong, vice secretary-general of the Buddhist Association of China, take photos with CIIC staff
Master Chuanyin watching CIIC's vedio
Chuanyin, vice president of the Chinese Buddhist Academy and abbot of Donglin Temple of Lushan Mountain in Jiangxi Province, inscribes for CIIC
The foundation ceremony of the Putuoshan Declaration Momument of the First World Buddhist Forum
Puji Temple opens its door
Monks passing lights
Prestige monks attending the light passing ceremony
Leaders attending the light passing ceremony
Journalists from different countries and regions report the light passing ceremony
Master Mingsheng, vice president of Buddhist Association of China, hosts the light passing ceremony at Putuo Mountain
Mr. Qi Xiaofei takes photos with CIIC staff
Mr. Qi Xiaofei inscribes for CIIC: A harmonious world begins in the mind.

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