Photos - page 10

The conference hall
Bachground of the main conference hall
Rehearsal in the conference hall
Bhiksuni to the Conference
Press Conference for First WBF held in Hong Kong
Master Shenghui Vists Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, and propagats First WBF
Lama Jiamuyang Tubudan sends invitation on Northern Buddhism and Environmental Protection Conference
News that China to hold First WBF sent out on Vesak Day Intenational Buddhist Conference
Buddhists from Hong Kong, Macao and across the Taiwan Straits got consensus on holding First WBF
Seminar to select Site for First WBF was held in Beijing
Master Juexing attends 2nd World Buddhist Summit and proposes to hold First WBF
Proposal to hold the First WBF gains positive response and support
Deligation of BAC to South Korea and Japan
Seminar held in Suzhou to discuss proposal for First WBF
Ye Xiaowen holds a tea party with the venerable, most virtuous, scholars and high-profile figures in Hong Kong
Master Weijue and Master Hsingyun invited to Chinese Mainland to discuss preparation for First WBF

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